Wednesday, April 22, 2009

cheeky monk

LOVE it.
the end.
it's delicious, the brunch is well priced, and the beer selection is perfection.
get thee to the cheeky monk.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


what to say about racine's. it's cheap decadence and i like that.
marisa, myself, and our friend shirene went after church services
sunday (we're all staff singers at churches in denver)...the menu
has a variety of items at a variety of prices. the ambiance is great.
it's like older artsy folks...which, we also like.

shirene: california chicken sandwhich
jessie: california omlette
marisa:ham omlette

we all thought the prices were terrific
and the food was equally delicious.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Denver Diner

marisa and i tried to go to swift the other day...
but alas, it had closed five minutes before we got there.
in our quest for an eatery we spotted the denver diner.
now, we had seen this place before seeing it's proximity
to the opera house and all. so we decided to try it out.

marisa had the grilled cheese (6.99)
i had the monica special and a diet coke. (8.49, 2.49)

the food was fairly meh.
it wasn't bad it just wasn't necessarily good...
marisa's fries were cold, my eggs were a bit rubbery.
the thing we were most shocked by was the pricing.
seriously, it's one thing to pay for food when it's delicious
but paying egregious prices when the food is sub par
is a travesty. i don't know if there was a price gauging
due to it's location or what...but seriously, WOOF.

not recommendable.

testing, testing: one, two, three.

hello to one and all.
my friend and i have decided to blog about
the food of denver.

a little about us:

we're both opera singers who have moved
to denver to study with a voice teacher.

marisa is from florida
jessie is from chicago.
we're both pretty neat.